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Grunt Coming Soon…


Grunt Main Store Coming Soon….

As we prepare for our grand opening of the main store, we wanted to share a little bit of background info about Grunt and the designers behind this brand.

We want to make ‘Grunting” fashionable!  What makes us different from the rest? Behind the Grunt clothing is two seasoned designers who have handcuffed each other together to make a brand unlike either of their own.   Think of it as the girl nextdoor gone wild.  Get the visual yet?  If not, think of what a horny teen-boy wants to see you wearing – something short and slightly naughtier then necessary!

Don’t let our run-down building and overgrown grass make you think that the fashion is just as trashy…well,  actually it is.  Looking for holes in your jean shorts that truly should not be worn in public? (unless your shopping at your local wallymart) In desperate need of an unbreathable pvc mini-dress?  How about some duct-tape pasties for your nipples?  We have it!

All Grunt’s items are transfer.  So, buy for your wife. Buy for your mistress and even your tranny friend. Heck, buy yourself a pair of pasties or sheer stockings to wear underneath your clothes.


Join Desdemona Young and Delaynie Barbosa in the grand opening of their new joint-venture fashion brand, Grunt, on the fabulous Car Wash Sim this weekend! (Saturday Dec 18th – Sunday Dec 19th)


Marketplace Store


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