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Grunts $10 & $250 Egg items

:: Easter Egg Event ::

Ends today – Monday, April 25th

$10L egg has this:

$250 Egg contains this:


A weekend of fun easter egg hunting.  Each designer has made two scrumptious items and placed them inside an egg.  One egg is priced at $250, the other at $10.

** 8 eggs to find! **

Brought to you by:
* SD Wears
* Propositions Pose Company
* Grunt
* Pixel Dolls


Sidewalk Sale

Car Wash wants to get you looking your best for spring!  From April 1st to the 15th, grab your tax refund cheque and head over to Car Wash to find great $50L deals on select spring merchandise from the designers at Car Wash.

Here is some items Grunt has on for $50L:


Car Wash

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